Equilibrium Silsden


Holly’s Journey to acne-free skin

After repeatedly visiting her GP and been given numerous different creams and products that were ineffective and only caused irritation to the skin, Holly came to me in desperation wanting to stop her skin from being so sore, to treat the acne and to ultimately have a clear radiant healthy skin. Through home care and utilising the Byonik treatment, the results so far are amazing!

Jill’s Story

Watch Jill’s feedback of her experience using Byonik in salon and at home.

Kayleigh’s Story

Kayliegh suffered with adult acne which occurred out of the blue several years ago. After trying many products and sadly failing to see any improvement, we embarked on a series of Byonik treatments and the results have been astounding.

Patrick’s Journey

How Patrick managed to get his Rosacea under control using Byonik treatments and homecare products