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Effective hair removal using Apilus

Before Apilus, electrolysis hair removal treatments were known to be uncomfortable and slow, meaning much of the time people gave up before results were properly seen. The creators of Apilus were convinced they could change this and by using modern technologies along with their knowledge, Apilus created a state of the art machine offering a much more comfortable and effective treatment.

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More Information

Apilus designed an advanced computer-assisted system that concentrates and controls the extent of the destruction in the hair follicle, targeting only the germinative cells and so preventing new hair growth!

Apilus offers extremely advanced technology with proven effectiveness in the field of hair removal

Apilus hair removal treatments are available to anyone over the age of 16 years, male, female and clients on a gender transition journey.

Along with your in clinic treatment, it is as important that proper maintenance of the skin is undertaken at home, in particular to hydration, this is absolutely essential for success of the treatment and preservation of the aesthetics and functions of the skin.

Plucking of hairs between appointments is forbidden. They may be cut with scissors or a razor.

I am more than happy to discuss and help with any skincare requirements you may need, provide a home care plan and help with the hair management between appointments. You will not be charged for this service.