Equilibrium Silsden



This package will give you the ultimate Rolls-Royce skin journey, delivering your you, the skin of your dreams.

Consisting of unlimited home care, supplements and in clinic treatments. This package will include everything you need (and more!) to get you started on your skin journey.

We start with your in depth skin consultation, which will also include a skin scan. You will also receive a starter pack of homecare & supplements to begin your transformation. For the next 12 months, you will receive regular contact from me your skin coach, to eliminate any worries or concerns you may have and to navigate the challenges skin can bring.

You will also receive the appropriate in clinic treatment based on your skin concerns and goals. This package means that you won’t  have to think of anything when it comes to your skin for the next 12 months.

I am on hand to do all the thinking for you, and to ensure that you get an amazing return on your investment.


This is a 12 month program with an upfront investment of £550 and then 11 monthly payments of £677.27.


We’ll kickstart your skin journey with an in-salon consultation with ‘skin guru’ Sarah. During the first session we will map your skin using our advanced technology, and use a holistic approach to understand your skin and how it is influenced by your lifestyle and general health. This will allow us to create you a tailored skin plan.

Skin care products and appropriate supplements will be prescribed from our range of highly effective brands, and you’ll enjoy your first in-salon treatment.