With all the festivals on hold and the big one (Glasto) cancelled for the 2nd year running, I thought I would step up and fill the festival hole and would love to invite you along to Equlibrium’s ‘Skin Festival’ – a celebration of and helping you to fall in love with your skin.

Throughout this month I will be focusing solely on the skin, in particular the face and sharing lots of hints, tips and advice on how to ensure your skin is kept happy, glowing and healthy and how you can knock years off your actual age!

As part of our Skin festival I will be running 3 private ‘virtual’ events online via zoom, each delivering a different facial theme, these will be hosted on the following stages:

Stripped back delivering radiance & glow with no additionals, but not to be understimated!


This will look to uplift, tighten the skin and tone the face accompanied by facial yoga, gua sha and jade rollers.



Let’s take your skin to the next level and let me guide you through an enzyme treatment peel, designed to remove dead skin and deliver on glow, help with congestion, ‘maskne’ and ageing.

Thursday 11th March at 7pm

Simply purchase the Facial-at-Home box and we’ll send you the event joining link in a separate email.

John Peel stage is all about new and upcoming talent, so welcome to the stage a salon standard facial, caried out in your own home!

The Alumier Enzyme peel delivers on so many levels – removing dead skin, helping with congestion and open pores and resetting your skin to allow your home products to work more efficiently. With me as your host, I will talk and guide you through a facial peel, aftercare and q&a on how to treat your skin like a living and breathing organ.

The event will take place on Zoom on the 11th March 7pm.

For an investment of £35 here is what you get:

  • Skin care pack – containing Alumier pre and post peel support
  • Pot of Enzyme peel
  • Pot of Aqua infusion mask
  • Microfibre cleansing cloth
  • Alumier headband
  • Mask brush
  • £10 off a follow up skin consultation

Simply purchase the Facial-at-Home box and we’ll send you the event joining link in a separate email.

Salon Facial in a Box

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