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The Latest Evolution In Laser Hair Removal 

The Latest Evolution In Laser Hair Removal We use the ‘Hair No More’ laser hair removal technology in salon. Using SMARTDiode and SHR technology we can offer pain free, quick and effective laser hair removal!

More Information

Hair No More uses selected wavelengths of low energy light rapidly pulsed onto the skin (up to 600 times a minute) to gently heat the target hair follicles to cause terminal damage directly to the hair’s chromophores and prevent hair regrowth.

Because of the low energy technology, Hair No More is suitable for light and dark skin, tanned skin, men and women. It has been developed to be pain free. You can find more information on the Hair No More website.

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  • Laser Hair Removal Patch Test – £30
  • Micro (top lip/chin/cheek/5cm) – £34
  • Small (bikini/underarms/half face/50cm) – £54
  • Medium (landing strip/half legs/full face/100cm) – £94
  • Large (full legs/back/chest & abs/brazillian) – £134