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Waxing using Perron Rigot strip and non-strip Wax

Waxing is a semi-permanent method of hair removal from the body. Unlike shaving, hair is pulled from the roots, leaving the body smooth and stubble free. Your skin will be smoother for longer and the hair grows back finer and softer. Waxing also decreases the amount of hair growth.

For details of bikini and intimate waxing please see the Intimate Waxing page.


Threading is used to remove smaller areas of hair – such as eyebrows and facial hair.

It’s more precise than waxing and, unlike plucking, more hairs can be removed at once, giving a more defined line (when shaping eyebrows).

Simply, a fine cord is used to ‘roll’ the hairs which are then pulled away.

Threading is not suitable for large areas of hair growth such as legs.

eyebrow threading silsden


The only proven form of permanent hair removal for ALL hair types.