fasting for hormone harmony

Are you trying to start healthy habits but keep getting distracted by the chaos of day to day life? Has the menopause hit hard and you no longer feel able to achieve your wellbeing goals like you once could?

Let me introduce you to the healing power of fasting to burn fat, boost energy and balance hormones.

Give me 60 minutes to audit your current regime and see if a fasting lifestyle would work for you.


Who am I?

Fasting coach, Hormone harmoniser, your secret weapon!

Hi I’m Sarah and I’m here to to help you get back your superpowers and help you build a fasting lifestyle for great sleep, fat loss, energy and to bring you hormone harmony.

I have been around the fasting lifestyle for several years now, however, I now realise that I wasn’t doing this properly and since changing that my wellbeing has changed exponentially! After I hit the perimenopause at 45, which absolutely walloped me both mentally and physically, stripping me of my own self worth, I went on a bit of a journey and trained and certified as a fasting coach (I am also a skin practitioner) under the expert guidance of Dr Mindy Pelz and it has totally transformed my menopause and lifestyle journey.

I am extremely passionate about empowering women to harness the transformative powers of fasting in harmony with your cycle and hormones. Bringing personal support and scientifically backed strategies to help you achieve optimum health and vitality. Let’s connect and unlock your best self together!

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sarah wilkinson hormone harmoniser

What to Expect...

By signing up to the fasting audit, you will make your purchase via a secure card payment platform.

You will then be sent a form to fill out, delivered to your inbox, so make sure you use a valid email address!

Please fill out the form with as much detail as possible to allow me to take a deep dive into your current lifestyle.

Within 48 hours of receiving your completed form, you will receive your personalised recording from me based on the information you gave, containing information on how to begin to build your fasting lifestyle.

What brought you here today?

Are you getting tired of the way your body no longer responds to the constant demands of your busy lifestyle. Leading to overwhelm when it comes to building healthy habits, weight gain and poor food choices?

That’s where I come in!

I made this audit for YOU because I KNOW how difficult it is to make real change when you aren’t feeling your best and are low on self esteem.

Who is this hormone harmonising audit for?

If you are feeling the following symptoms; 

  • anxiety
  • brain fog,
  • lack of oomph
  • weight gain/increase in belly fat,
  • low mood
  • anger/bitterness 
  • feeling tearful all the time 
  • change in your period

Or… If you are tired of calorie counting, feeling guilty about resting and not seeing results from your efforts.
Constantly getting overwhelm from your day to day life and don’t have an extra 60 minutes a day, 5 times a week to hit the gym then this audit is definitely for you!

This audit will help you…


30-40 minutes to complete your form

Any one from the age of 18 upwards

That’s ok, I can work with all dietary requirements!

Are you ready to receive your personalised fasting audit?

If you want to get back your superpower, reclaim your energy, improve your mental and physical strength, begin to shift the weight gain and stubborn belly fat, or if you are tired of calorie counting, battling anxiety and feeling guilty about resting and fed up of not seeing results from your efforts this is definitely for you!

sarah wilkinson hormone harmoniser