Biostimulation Mesotherapy by Profound

dehydrated skin?
Profound is a bio-revitilization aesthetic medicine treatment for improving skin characteristics. Profound promotes cell rejuvenation, stimulates collagen production and prevents collagen degrading, maintains skin health, has an anti-wrinkle effect technology. It deals with existing fine lines and deep wrinkles, helps remove blemishes and skin abnormalities, by returning the skins natural colouring and health.
Profound can be administered as a stand alone treatment or in conjunction with a chemical peel, skin needling and light therapy to achieve amazing, safe and lasting results.
*This is NOT anti-wrinkle injections or fillers and therefore will not create product build up, affect the skins texture in a negative way, nor will it deteriorate the skins structure. This is a natural, antioxidant and biological treatment with a positive aesthetic outcome.

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