This cycle won’t get you fit

We’ve all been guilty of this at some point in our lives, trying to shed a couple of pounds for an upcoming event, holiday with the girls or because you have had your head in the biscuit tin for far too long and you’re starting to look like a double choc chip cookie (errr yum by the way!)

I’m going to share some info with you today about yo-yo dieting and why it is so destructive to our bodies and why we usually end up even heavier than we were previously (how disappointing when you have lived on nothing but cabbage soup for a week to not even lose a pound!)

So here’s an ahhhhmazing analogy of yo-yo dieting that was shared with me recently and it just made so much sense, I wanted to share it with you, picture this:

Two bowls – one contains strong instant coffee mixed with water – imagine for a minute (trust me on this) that this is like toxic sludge in your system, now this toxic sludge is not going to be at all healthy for your body. 

Now if you don’t already know, your body is very clever and what it will do to protect itself is soak up this toxic sludge into fat cells. 

To represent a fat cell we have an ordinary everyday sponge, that you might use to wash your car.

Your body can only cope with 2-4% of circulating endotoxins (that’s a cell-associated bacterial toxin in english!) before it starts to become inflamed. Your body will create fat cells to try and absorb this sludge. It will then take it to places to store it away safely (a bit like you do with your bank card!) so it is not travelling around your blood system getting into your joints, in your brain, or causing damage to any of your other organs like kidneys, liver or other vital areas. 

Now, imagine what happens when you go on a diet, especially any of these low fat diets (you know the ones with a weekly weigh etc) the fat cell begins to shrink and guess what happens to the toxins inside the cells???

For every lb of weight lost you will be putting in your system another 1-2% of circulating endotoxins (remember them?). Remember your body can only cope with 2-4% before it starts creating inflammation. So whats happening is that it is just converting to fat as your body doesnt know what else to do with it

This is what pains me the most and makes me really sad, as people who are dieting are trying to help themselves, but little do they know that they are muddying this relatively clean system.

Then you head off on a cruise, holiday (those were the days right?!), christmas arrives, you stop dieting and your body will then create fat cells to soak up all the toxic waste. Guess where this fat will go…back to where you lost it, love handles, rubber ring, tops of legs, arms, bra strap (stubborn fat), it does this as it doesn’t want the body to be inflamed, you then put more weight back on, it’s called yoyo dieting – your body trying to protect itself from harming its vital functions

Kinda makes sense now, why these changes need to be more of a permanent lifestyle change, rather than a ‘quick fix’ blast doesn’t it?