9 Ways to Reduce Your Hidden Sugar Intake

If you’re anything like the Equilibrium girls, you love a bar of chocolate or a couple of chocolate biscuits with your brew, or even a cheeky G&T on an evening, but all of that sugar sadly adds up! And that is just the sugar we know about.

What is worse is that hidden sugars can be found in everything from a banana, to a bagel, which makes eating healthily really flippin hard. Sadly, eating too much sugar can not only be fattening, but can also lead to all sorts of health problems like obesity and diabetes, not to mention the havoc it wreaks on your skin and collagen production, now more than ever it’s reeeeeeeally important to look after number one and keep that sugar intake low to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As you know we like to come up with little gameplans for you, so that you can benefit and make those subtle changes that make a huge difference. So here you go, here are some of our favourite hacks for avoiding unnecessary sugars, we hope they help you as they’ve definitely made our lives less sugar-dependent! (with everything in moderation, after all we can’t live without any pleasures in life, right?!)

1.      Cut back on sugar filled drinks like cordial and fizzy drinks and trade them in for a fizzy water with a squeeze of lemon

2.      Avoid sugar loaded desserts and replace with dates or dark chocolate 

3.      Avoid premade sauces (these are laden with sugars) and make your own using fresh herbs and spices

4. Get to grips with the names used to disguise sugars, such as fructose, glucose, corn syrup, dextrose and lactose to name a few

5.      Canned foods often have hidden sugars lurking, see if you can find a fresh alternative

6.      Beware of ‘healthy snacks’ like dried fruits as they often have more sugar than all and avoid ‘low fat’ versions as these are packed with chemicals and disguised sugars

7.      Avoid sugar-filled breakfast foods like cereal and opt for eggs and avocado on rye

8.      Consider natural sweeteners, they are much better for you than sugar

9.      Read labels, they’ll tell you all you need to know – familiarise yourself with what things mean, that way you are forearmed to make an informed choice.

Good Luck Lovelies!

Sarah and the team x