Give Your Skin A New Lease Of Life

We have launched a brand new treatment into the salon and we know that you are going to love it!

It’s called Bio Revitilization Mesotherapy and it is an absolute game changer when it comes to skincare.

Bio Revitilization Mesotherapy

This aesthetic treatment has been designed to improve skin characteristics, particularly those associated with the ageing process. During the treatment we inject small amounts of pure hyaluronic acid into the skin as this is an amazing ingredient that maintains moisture in skin. It is not a painful procedure and because it is not an anti-wrinkle injection or dermal filler, it will not create a product build-up or deteriorate the skin’s structure. Instead, it is a natural, antioxidant and biological treatment with a positive aesthetic outcome.

The treatment itself promotes cell rejuvenation, stimulates collagen production and prevents collagen degrading, maintains skin health, has an anti-wrinkle effect technology. It deals with a whole host of skin concerns including:

  • Existing fine lines
  • Deep wrinkles
  • Blemishes
  • Skin abnormalities

The treatment returns the skin’s natural colouring and health, leaving you glowing, younger-looking and fresh.

To launch this amazing new treatment to include a PMP Peppermint Peel all for just £99, saving you more than £50! So make sure you book online or call us on 01535 652310 .