Wear It Pink

As you may be aware, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so you might be seeing a lot of pink as part of the Wear It Pink campaign.

This year, 55,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and tragically 11,500 women will die from it. It’s a frightening statistic.

Silsden Oncology Treatments

We know exactly how hard cancer treatment can be for the sufferer. Whether it’s chemotherapy or radiotherapy, your body is put through a massive amount making you feel horrendous even when it’s making you better.

That is why we have put together two beautiful Beauty Beyond Cancer treatments. They help you to relax and enjoy some essential pampering to make everything feel a tiny bit more bearable.

The Equilibrium Cancer Treatment Facial has been designed to combat the typically dry skin that treatment can create. It targets dry, sore, itchy, flaking and sensitive skin using skincare created especially for cancer patients. All our products are free of oestrogens, and are organic and gentle, whilst delivering results.

For some serious relaxation, we recommend the Tranquil Sea Hydrotherapy Massage. This safe, effective and nurturing massage uses Hydrotherm 3D cushions filled with warm water which supports and cocoons the body. It reduces stress and anxiety making it a wonderful escape from the real world.

Our very own Sarah has been specially trained in these oncology beauty treatments, so you can be sure you are in safe hands. Book your treatment now online or call us on 01535 652310.

Don’t forget, you can donate to the Wear It Pink campaign at www.wearitpink.org.