Beauty Myths Debunked


Did your mother tell you to put toothpaste on your spots? Maybe you’ve always believed something weird about your skin?

We’ve all heard those beauty myths growing up, so we thought we would share some facts about a few of them.

You Should Exfoliate Daily

Ever heard about too much of a good thing? Well that’s the case with exfoliating. Your skin needs what nature gave it, and exfoliating on a daily basis will strip it natural oils.

Get your daily and weekly skincare routine nailed down by talking to an expert.

Wearing Make-Up Every Day Is Bad For Your Skin

We all wear make-up and if you like to wear it every day then that’s fine. It’s not the make-up that causes problems with your skin, it’s the removal. Make sure you remove all of your make-up completely every night to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.

An Even Tan Is An Indicator Of Healthy Skin

It doesn’t matter where or how you tan, tanning is not healthy. Your skin changing colour is a protective reaction to the damaging effects of the sun, so get that sunscreen on and get an even colour from a spray tan.

Nail Enhancements Stop The Nails From Breathing

Your nails do not have lungs, pores or oxygen masks. They are made from dead cells and they do not need to breathe. Damage to your nails is caused by improper removal, so stick with the experts and we will care for your nails at every appointment.

Sun Exposure Reduces Acne

No, no and no again. Many believe that the sun can dry out those spots and improve your complexion, but in reality all you are doing is dehydrating your skin and leaving it at risk of skin cancer and premature ageing.

If you want to treat acne effectively you need specially designed skincare. Pop in and see us for some recommendations.

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