Beauty Is Strength

Beauty Is Strength

A gorgeous set of nails is a good way to make most of us ladies feel pretty but many worry that their nails are not strong or long enough to have enhancements.

Everyone knows about the benefits of gel nails but acrylics are often a better option. We are now offering acrylic nails at Equilibrium, so read on to find out why they might suit you.

Strong Nails

One of the biggest selling points of acrylic nails is their strength! They are very resistant to the typical chips and cracks that many of us suffer from, so they are particularly good for anyone who has weak nails.

The strength of this type of nails means that they will last longer, so you will just need infills to keep them at a manageable length and to fill any regrowth.

Not only are acrylic nails fabulous for building up nails when they have been bitten, they are great at preventing it happening too. These strong and beautiful nails not only make you want to keep them looking nice, but they also resist a little bit of nibbling!

What Are Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic nails are made using an acrylic powder which is mixed with a monomer and dries quickly. That means it doesn’t need a lamp to cure it.

Acrylics are also great for extending the nails, which makes them very popular with nail biters. They can be made into any shape or length, so they are a really creative option, especially when you consider that they can be used with any nail colour.

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