Beat The Heat

Beat The Heat

Are you looking for a way for your skin to beat the heat this summer?

Protecting your skin from the sun’s rays is vital, but it’s also important to adopt a refreshing summer skincare routine to help keep skin healthy, bright and clear.

Suncare Tips

Obviously, the first tip is to use sunscreen every day. Try to buy sunscreen that offers both broad spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays and no chemical filters. Apply it at least 15 minutes before going outside and make sure you re-apply it regularly throughout the day, especially if you are sweating or swimming.

Only mad dogs and English men go out in the midday sun apparently. The sun is at its strongest between 11am and 3pm so try to stay out of it during these times.

Your skin will obviously dry out in hot weather so keep it hydrated by drinking plenty of water and applying plenty of moisture-based products to your skin.

The clothes you wear will also protect your skin, so sometimes you need those long sleeves or trousers to give your skin a break. You could also invest in a wide-brimmed hat to offer shade to your face and the back of your neck.

Alumier MD Suncare

Alumier MD are a skincare brand with skin health at their heart. They have a fantastic range of products to help you beat the heat this summer. Their products are pH balanced and packed with antioxidants to leave your skin glowing with health.

Their skincare is lightweight to make it more comfortable to use in warmer climates, as well reducing shine, refining skin texture and minimising the signs of ageing.

They offer some amazing treatments which you can enjoy at Equilibrium, as well as terrific retail products for you to take home.

To make sure you are taking the best care of your skin, book an appointment with us for expert advice and treatment.