Home Is Where The Heart Is

carers week

If you ask most people where they are happiest, the answer is home. The place we live in is always important to us, and that just doesn’t mean our houses, it’s also our towns, villages or neighbourhoods.

Silsden is the home of Equilibrium and the town and the people within it are just as important to us.

Silsden Community

As a business within Silsden, we feel that we have a responsibility to work with the community. If you follow us on our Facebook page, you will see that we often get involved with projects, offers and competitions that benefit the people around us. We recently ran offers in support of Carers Week as well as giving you the opportunity to give something back to mum on Mother’s Day.

We know that Silsden is made up of a lot of hard-working and wonderful people, so it is great to be a part of the community and support those within it.

Body Confidence

A big part of what we do is centred around body confidence. Everyone has something about their body that makes them feel self conscious, lacking in confidence or even in pain. Our treatments have been designed to help this. Whether it is tackling a problem head on or simply lifting the mood, we want everyone who visits the salon to leave feeling a little bit better about themselves. Our specialist skin department deals with all sorts of issues including pigmentation, skin tags or acne, whilst our massage therapies help to deal with stress in the muscles and mind.

We have body shaping treatments for those who are struggling to get in shape, as well as nails, brows, waxing and lash treatments to just give you a little pick-me-up.

We have been at the heart of the Silsden community for many years, and we will continue to be here for plenty more to come!

Pop in and find out more. Just book an appointment online or call us on 01535 652310.