A Treat For Feet

A Treat For Feet

So, your holiday is looming, the bikini is ready, the waxing is done and you’re all ready. Right? Wrong!
There’s nothing worse than hitting the beach only to realise that your feet are less than desirable. Hard skin and scruffy nails are not what you wanted to run through the sand, but you don’t want to keep them covered up either. That’s why you need to give your feet a treat at Equilibrium before you go!

Footlogix Pedicures

We put our feet through a lot thanks to high heeled shoes, running and all those trips out to the bin with no shoes on, but how often do we really spare our feet a thought? Only when they complain to we pay them any attention and then we wonder why they don’t look great in flip flops!
Our range of Pedicure treatments have been put together to ensure that your feet don’t just look great, they will feel it too. We know that for many, it will take more than a bit of nail polish to get your feet tip top, so our Footlogix pedicure is here to help. This ‘medi-pedi’ has been developed by podiatrists to nourish the skin, curing dryness and a whole host of more complicated conditions without the great of a traditional lotion.
The Footlogix pedicure includes a cuticle tidy, callus remover, file, peel, Footlogix Treatment Mousse, massage and polish/gel application, all for £38.50.

Gel Polish Pedicure

If your feet are in need of a splash of colour, treat them to a Gel Polish Pedicure. Stronger than nail varnish, a gel polish will last much longer and will be more resistant to chips, keeping your toes looking lovely for longer. We have a huge range of colours and styles available and our Gel Polish will help to protect the natural nail underneath to ensure your feet look fab all through the summer.
So, give your feet a treat this summer by booking a pedicure online or calling 01535 652310.

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