Spotting A Solution

Spotting A Solution

Spots, zits, blemishes, eruptions… whatever you call them, they can be really annoying and difficult to get rid of.
Of course, it’s not just spots that bother people and make them feel self-conscious, there’s a whole host of skin conditions that can blight your skin, bit they’re easy to get rid of if you know the right woman to talk to.

Skin Conditions

Whatever the blemish on our skin, we can be acutely aware of its presence on our body. Whilst it may only be small, it can often feel like it’s the first thing people see when they look at you, and many people simply want to get rid of it.


Milia are tiny little white spots that often form around the eyes and cheekbones.

Skin Tags

Skin tags are small wobbly bits of skin that usually occur on the neck, face, underarms, eyebrows and bra line.

Age Spots

Your mother might have called them sun spots and your grandmother might have known them as liver spots, but those small brown, black or grey patches that appear on your skin as you get older are actually ages spots.

Cherry Angiomas

Named after the colour that they take on, cherry angiomas are small red growths on the skin caused by there being an abnormal number of blood cells in the area.

Spider Veins

Have you ever noticed those small, thin, dark veins that appear around the nose or legs? Those are spider veins and despite what you may think, they are surprisingly easy to get rid of.

Blemish Treatment

It’s often feared that getting rid of a problem like this will only cause it to come back further down the line, but that is not strictly true. With the right treatment, these can now be eradicated permanently in one quick appointment.
At Equilibrium we have a solution for each one of these conditions, that ranges from top of the range skincare to advanced facials. We can identify your blemishes through a thorough inspection and then recommend anything from a facial to a micro-needling treatment or even a chemical peel. It’s amazing that after as little as just 15 minutes your blemish can be gone for good, and you can feel proud of your skin again!
Let us tackle your blemishes, imperfections or complaints by giving us a call on 01535 652310 and booking a consultation.

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