Nailing The Perfect Look

Nailing The Perfect Look

How often have you stood in front of a mirror wondering if that colour suits you, whether that pattern makes you look wider or if your bum looks big? Well, there is one fashion statement you can make that isn’t reliant on any of this!

Nail Colours

The one bit of your body that you can dress without concern is your nails. You can wear colours as bold as you like without having to think about whether it highlights your shape. With your nails there is no need to hide behind a uniform of black, and you can really show off your personality.
Age is not a barrier either. Celebrating a certain birthday does not mean you are now resigned to a life of pale pinks and nudes. No matter what your age, you can still be a scarlet woman, rock the latest neons or bask in perfect pastels.
Nails aren’t just for single colours either. Whether you do something different on your ring finger, add a bit of glitter or have each finger a different colour, you are free to have fun with your nails. There is also the option to add nail art to one or all of your nails so you don’t have to be afraid of patterns, stripes or spots!

Nail Shapes

Every woman is conscious of her shape, and nails are no exception to this. The difference is that you don’t need nails that compliment your hips, make your waist look slimmer or your legs look longer.
There are nearly as many nail shapes as body shapes, so whether you want them square, oval, pointed or a full stiletto, you are free to experiment!

Silsden Nail Services

At Equilibrium in Silsden we offer a variety of nail treatments to suit your needs. You can book a classic manicure to treat the appearance of your hands as well as your nails, or opt for a Gel Polish that gives you long lasting nail colour.
If your nails are in need of a bit of TLC, the IBX Nail Recovery System is for you. Used beneath gel polish or nail polish, it repairs the natural nail, helping to protect it and allow it to grow.
The strongest option for your nails is our Polygel Nail Enhancements. It is classic, strong and long-lasting, making it perfect for even the most heavy-handed nail lover.
Give your nails a treat, and book your appointment now by calling 01535 652310.

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