Expert Beauty Clinics

Expert Beauty Clinics

Every member of staff at the Equilibrium salon in Silsden is highly trained and has expert knowledge on a wide range of incredible beauty treatments. To make sure we offer the best possible treatments that meet all of our clients’ needs, we also hold several regular clinics featuring experts in their own fields.

Silsden Semi Permanent Make-Up

Let’s face it, applying make up every morning is a pain! Brows, lips and eyeliner might be an essential part of your look, but taking the time to get them right each morning, avoiding smudging them and still being able to go swimming or go to the gym and look perfect when you’ve finished is a never-ending battle.
A semi-permanent make-up treatment with Charlotte means you can wake up with make-up and never worry about it running or smudging. Whether you have better things to do or simply fancy an extra ten minutes in bed each morning, our monthly semi permanent make-up clinic is here to help.
Of course, semi permanent make-up in not just about perfect eyeliner, it can also be used to treat other concerns such as stretch marks or acne scarring, so call us to book a consultation.

Injectable Treatments In Silsden

For a quick fix on the ageing process, you need to go further than skin deep. Our injectable treatment clinics are run by Sue, a Registered Nurse and Independent Prescriber with more than 20 years of experience. She offers a range of injectable treatments to help fight the ageing process using genuine products and professional processes.
Each treatment includes a profession and friendly consultation to assess your needs and suitability followed by the agreed treatment and relevant after-care advice. You will also be offered a follow-up appointment including any necessary top-ups and this will all cost the one agreed price to ensure there are no surprises.
Our clinics are run by carefully chosen experts to ensure that you do not just get great results, but also make sure that our clients are always in the safest possible hands.
To book an appointment for any of our clinics, call us today on 01535 652310.

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